Styling the Classic Black Coat 3 Ways

There’s something about a versatile coat for fall that actually makes styling it and going out in the cold not so bad! I took a quick trip with my sister last weekend, so we actually shot these photos in Amarillo, Texas. I knew my carryon would be tiny, so I…

September/October Empties

There were a lot of makeup Empties over the last two months! Let’s mention the elephant in the room and say that I was incredibly busy over the last two months and completely dropped the ball as far as September Empties. So instead of dwelling on it too much, I…

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime



9 Must-Have Shoes for Fall

Well, it’s officially September! While it’s still very hot outside, it hasn’t stopped me from stalking the fall trends and making my wardrobe wishlists. I was thinking about helpful ways to share fall inspo. with everyone, and I realized I should start with footwear. Below you’ll find 9 must-have shoes…