Yummie To The Core – How I Style Shapewear

I have a fairly sporty build, and am in no way a curvy gal. While I am happy with my body, I am also not a 5’10 supermodel. This probably puts me in some sort of “average” category for my height an weight, but that shouldn’t keep me from wearing what I see models wearing in magazines! This is where Yummie shapewear comes in for me.

Most of you who have been following the blog for a while know how much emphasis I put on the importance of dressing for your body. So when I thought about the way I wanted to look in a few pieces of clothing, I started to look more into how I could emphasize the features of my body that I liked, and hide some of the features that I wasn’t so crazy about.

Here are three looks I’ve tried with three different pieces of shapewear. Each serves a purpose for how I am feeling, and I make sure the pieces work with my style and body, not the other way around.

Take a look!


For A Night Out


There are few things in this world that make me feel better than a perfect fitting pair of leather leggings. Did I mention they have zipper detailing on the ankles?! I first tried these leggings in Fall, and knew everyone would be wearing black leggings. They were all the rage for the season, so I decided to mix it up and get the Faux Leather Shaping Legging with Side Zip in brown espresso and I’m so glad I did!

The hardest part about putting on leggings (for me, anyway) is getting them over your ankles. If not done properly, you can stretch out the bottom of the leggings and they’re ruined! I love that the sides have a zipper so I can put the leggings on more easily, and am less likely to stretch out the material.

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For A Formal Event


We all have those fancy schmancy events where we’ve found the perfect dress, we just don’t feel 100% when we put it on. Truthfully I think it’s more of a body confidence issue than anything. I love this black halter dress (it’s was only $16) but when I put it on, I feel like I have a little bit of a belly “pooch”. It’s not big deal really, but it’s enough to be on my mind so I added the Hidden Curves Firm Shaping High Waist Thong underneath the dress and I felt like a million bucks! The shapewear comes in two colors, black and frappe. I decided to go with the nude “frappe” color. It’s not as sexy, but I figured I could wear it under lighter color dresses in the Spring. You always have to think about staple pieces like that because they are an investment! You want to get everything you can out of them.

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For A “Lack of Confidence” Day


I am a confident person, but again, my little belly pooch is just a part of me! Should I skip out on a cute look just because I feel bloaty or have a little extra water weight? NOT A CHANCE! This  Short Sleeve Shaping Thong Back Bodysuit is one of my favorite staple pieces. It has a light level of compression throughout the fabric, and then an additional tummy panel around the stomach. It’s also a thong in the back which ensure that it won’t show lines on my booty no matter what type of pant/skirt/short I am wearing. This was crucial for me since I have a long torso and one piece items tend to ride up. I’m already looking into the long sleeve and tank top versions of this body suit because it comes in black and white and is going to be perfect for my Spring wardrobe.

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Shapewear can be a tricky subject if you’re truly not happy with your body, but it can also be a really big blessing for those who need a little confidence boost!

If you have any questions AT ALL, jump on my Instagram and message me! I LOVE helping you dimes dress for your body and find your confidence!