Yamazaki Home Edit – Spring 2020


I’m so excited to partner with Yamazaki Home to use this time to hit refresh

on our home for Spring!


If you missed my introduction into Yamzaki Home last October, you are definitely going to want to check it out. We love every piece from that collection, and it was such a special time to pick out pieces for our newlywed home! Now that we are settled in, there were several ways we knew we could streamline our home life.

Organization is key in a small space, and I’ve learned that if there isn’t a place for something in my home, it’ll surly end up on the floor. Everything that you see below is a beautiful and functional piece that we hand picked. Not only does everything fit well together stylistically, but it also has a purpose and doesn’t cause clutter.

Click on the photos to shop them directly! Happy hunting. 🙂



Yamazaki’s kitchen essentials have been the most helpful when creating an organized space. We reduced the number of things on our countertops and have handy tools to get us excited about cooking together. Even the cleanup after dinner is a breeze!


Living Room

I’m a sucker for multi-use end tables and leaning ladders! We first used the round mini tables in the living area, but they also function well as end tables in our guest room. As you can see, all of these pieces mix and match very well together. If you tend to get bored with a space like I do, you can swap tables from room to room for a simple and FREE spruce!



Our bed takes up most of our master bedroom, and like I mentioned before, things tend to wind up on the floor fairy quickly. 🙂 I stuck to basics like belt hangers and jewelry storage for our room because I wanted to create as much space as possible while still having a place for everything. This clothing rack has also been a life saver when I’m working on new content for you guys!


Laundry Room

Our washer and dryer are downstairs, which making lugging dirty laundry up and down a chore! The wire laundry baskets have been the prefect way to get laundry from point A to point B without losing my marbles. It’s also great for storage. I’ve used them to hold blankets in the living room, and you could even have a few for toy bins for the kiddos!

It’s never fun to sacrifice beauty for function, and with Yamazaki Home, you don’t have to. Fancy something on their website? Picture how you could use that item in more ways than one. I bet you come up with a few great ideas!


The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime