Winter Walking Essentials

There aren’t many times in life where I’m not needing a cozy outfit and a bit mug of coffee! Below are the absolute winter walking essentials for a morning walk with the dog, or just a stroll around the aisles of Target.

Puffer Vest

I love a puffer vest more than just about anything! Shawn doesn’t really get the concept of a vest because it doesn’t keep your arms warm, but I don’t know, it just makes sense to me. I’ve always loved and worn vests! I got this particular vest my senior year of college and it has lasted over 6 years!

Long Sleeve Thermal

There’s nothing quite like a thermal waffle long sleeve shirt and this one is a fan favorite. Wether you grab your from Old Navy or Lulu, you can’t go wrong with a few colors of this shirt every season. They layer incredible well and match almost anything for cold winter days. This one is on sale in all sizes right now!

Fleece-Lined Leggings

I’m almost embarrassed to tell y’all how many pairs of these leggings I have, so I’ll just say it’s more than 4… 🙂 These fleece-lined leggings are incredibly soft and are high-rise for maximum support. They also have a small size pocket on the thigh, which you could use for a key or phone if you went on a cold winder walk.


Lately I have been on a sneaker kick like no other! I don’t know if it’s going on walks with a new puppy, or the cold weather in general, but I love sneakers right now! I’ve had my eye on this particular pair for a few months and I finally bit the bullet. The shoes have almost 600 reviews and each one is better than the last!

Puffer Jacket

Y’all, this jacket is worn more than almost anything in my closet! I’ve worn this coat for the last 3 years and it’s in the same shape it was the day I got it.

Ball Cap or Beanie

The look just seemed like it needed a cute hat, right?! On really cold days I opt for a beanie, but I feel like the hat and sneaker combo really makes this sporty look. I like this particular hat because it has a spot for a high ponytail as well as the typical low pony loop! It also comes in a few colors, has over 1,000 reviews, and is under $5.

Sunglasses (it’s so sunny in the snow!)

These sunglasses are the bees knees! I have them in blue light glasses and sunglasses, and I love that I can have the same frame for each pair.

Travel Mug

I have been loving these RTIC travel mugs lately! They hold 20 oz. and have a handle which makes for easy carrying when I got on walks. The handle also sits higher on the tumber, so it still fits nicely in the cupholders of my car. We use both these and Yeti tumblers, and they last about the same amount of time! I haven’t had any issues with my RTIC mugs and would definitely recommend them on long road trips or adventures. My mug has made it to 4 national parks in the last year and it has exceeded my expectations every time. Do I need more colors? No. Should I get more colors? Maybe. 🙂

As many dogs as you can carry

Okay, this one is kind of a freebie, but for anyone who didn’t realize it just yet, we got a puppy! I know, I know, it was about time. We have a lot of dogs in my family so we often have more pups than peeps when we go for a walk. It makes for quite the adventure.

Be sure to dress accordingly this winter with my favorite items above!

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime