While The World Sleeps


I’m writing this post at 4 AM…


Holy cannoli my insomnia is getting bad! I don’t know if it’s the fact that Starbucks brought the pumpkin spice latte back, or if it’s because I’m more swamped with work than usual, but I CANNOT get a full nights sleep anymore.

I woke up around 3:30 and couldn’t go back to sleep. I went through the typical list of counting sheep, thinking of cute boys, reading boring books, but nothing helped! Since it seemed like a lost cause, I decided to get up and start my day (4 HOURS EARLY).

Here’s what I accomplish while the world sleeps:

– Updated my iPhone

– Backed up my computer

– Changed the ink in my printer

– Deleted apps from my phone that I never use

– Order picture frames for photos that I’ve been keeping in a box

– Painted my nails

– Washed my laundry

How’s THAT for productivity?!

Since I was up, and eating wonton soup that my friend accidentally left over here (weird, I know) I thought I’d share with you guys some ways that I try and stay organized so I don’t stay up thinking about it so much. I figure that if I’m more organized, I won’t stress so much and be able to dream of shoes and puppies!

1. A Planner: For me, it has to be pretty. I know that sounds silly, but if I have a planner that I like, I will actually spend time using it and making sure I write down lists of what needs to get done. I don’t always knock everything off my lists, but I’ve found that if I don’t write it down, it’s definitely not getting done. For some of my favorite planners, look here, here and here.

2. An Organization App: There are a few great apps out there, but I personally love Trello. Especially for blogging, I can keep track of the entire publishing process from beginning to end. Whether a post needs a good hook, or is just missing photos, I can see what is left and figure out which post to publish next. Watch the “how it works” video to learn more.

3. A Calendar for Your Phone: There are a few great calendar apps out there, and some people just prefer to use iCal, but I especially love Sunrise. I read a few reviews because as I already stated, if I don’t actually use the app, I’ll delete it. What I love about the Sunrise app is it’s completely free, and is compatible with several calendars that I already use. I exported calendars from Google Calendar, iCloud and Exchange so I have everything in one place! I use a different calendar that my work does, and my school requires another completely separate calendar! It’s totally bananas, but Sunrise combines them all so I never miss a deadline (erm, never say never).

At least one good thing came of my insomnia, more blog posts!