What Does the Faux Say?

IMG_8236 IMG_8252 IMG_8259 IMG_8272 IMG_8279 IMG_8286 IMG_8297 IMG_8330 IMG_8337 IMG_8403Faux Fur Vest: Target // Ankle Booties: Target // Watch: Michael Kors // Nail Polish: Ulta

Sometimes when you’re looking more like a mess than a model, you overcompensate and go a little too far. I was too lazy to wash my hair so I (for some odd reason) thought it was socially acceptable to slap on a really loud vest so no one would notice my dirty hair.

Am I proud of this? Only sort of. ­čÖé

I can’t pull off the topknot as well as some of my peers, but I do love the “bold lips and little make up” look that people got goin’ on during the winter months. It’s freezing outside and people should be grateful that I don’t wear my pj’s everywhere while it’s cold out.

Full disclosure this vest is from the children’s department at Target because it was cheaper than buying an adult fur vest. I’m allowed to brag about being able to wear a child’s vest because I have feet as big as Michael Jordan’s, and they never have my size in cute girly shoes. We all have our battles.

I’m also sporting a Starbucks red cup because it’s what stereotypical bloggers do and I’m nothing if not totally on board with pretending that all I do all day is drink lattes (even though I’m a closet┬ánerd who codes websites all day in my sweats.

Since I’m basically just saying random things in this post I have one more piece of business. My birthday is tomorrow and I expect lots of birthday lovies and best wishes. Bonus points for anyone who can find a photo of me from elementary school (I hear crimping your hair is coming back into style).

I love you guys and I can’t believe I’ve made it another year with this blog! I’ll keep on writing and maybe wash my hair every now and then.