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Weekend Travels Checklist

Print the full checklist here: Weekend Travels

My problem is never having enough things to pack, it’s knowing exactly what to pack and what to keep at home for the next trip!

This is an exact replica of what I took on my weekend trip a couple of weeks ago. I’ve started to create more imagery and outfits on Polyvore so you guys can see exactly what I’m wearing even faster! The weekender bag is a tad different, but other than that, I tried to keep the brands and items exact! I also added an entire Weekender Pinterest board – Duffel Bags full of awesome weekender bags because sometimes, what you carry all your goodies in can be just as important as what you bring on the trip.

The only item I wasn’t able to find was the Anthropologie dress I wore to my friends wedding, but you can find it here. I also wore it in my previous post so make sure to keep scrolling after this post! 😉

I try to keep my look fairly simple when I travel for a few reasons. 1. There’s nothing worse than overpacking and wishing you had room for destination shopping items. 2. By packing neutral essentials, you can endlessly mix and match items and borrow your sisters clothes without feeling like your entire outfit clashes.

Bottom line? Keep it simple, and pack the essentials.

Good luck with your weekend travels!

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