Week 8: Finding The Perfect Dress

Spoiler Alert! You don’t see the final dress. You have to wait until after the big day like everyone else.  😉

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Week 4 is a great post to read before this one! I found my bridal boutique from a bridal expo and it was a great experience!

This week is all about finding that magical white dress.

Scour Pinterest – Then Forget About It!

It’s both helpful and intimidating to hop on Pinterest and see all of the beautiful couture that is out of your reach. You get some great inspiration, sure, but do you feel better staring at glossy models wearing a dress you can’t find online?

I started my search just like any other Millennial and created a Pinterest board. Unlike most gals, however, once I got a sense of what I wanted, I promptly quit my search. I knew it wouldn’t be healthy to stare at dresses all day, and I really needed to keep my expectations at a reasonable level.

I highly recommend this tactic!

Remember: The internet is about inspiration. Don’t get bogged down by pretty pictures so much that you start to think you can’t have your dream wedding. Think of realistic ways to make your vision come to life, and let the internet help you with YOUR dream day!


Visit a Store – The Sooner, The better!

“Your wedding dress influences the theme of your wedding.”

I heard this a lot in the beginning, and it turned out to be fairly accurate.

Your dress should be one if the first things on your wedding list to check off. For one thing, it can take months to come together. It can also determine if you have a bohemian, romantic, traditional wedding, etc.

Another reason why you need to jump on it? It could take a while to find “the one”! I was lucky and found my dress in a single weekend, but I know gals who have really struggled to decide on a dress.

Remember: MAKE AN APPOINTMENT! Half of the experience going well is feeling like a priority to the store. They can’t treat you like a special client if they don’t even know you’re coming!


Be Open To New Styles – You Might Surprise Yourself!

While I still love the dresses on my pretty little Pinterest board, I actually went in a different direction for my final dress! You never know what something will look like on your body until you try it on. There were several styles that fit my body but didn’t do it any favors. You may be set on a ball gown, but test out a few styles to be sure.

Remember: It’s okay go change your mind while shopping. When you slip into a dress that feels right, you’ll know it!


When the wedding is over, I promise to share ALL about my wedding dress experience and even share some behind the scenes footage!


PRO TIP OF THE POST: Ask your friends about their dress shopping experiences. You never know who might have a helpful resource for you to use!


P.S. Next week we’re taking a break! There’s only ONE MONTH until the wedding and there’s still a lot to be done! In the mean time, catch up on the latest posts and get hyped for the next one! 

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