Week 7: Date Night Ideas For When Wedding Planning Is Too Much

Posts 1-6 are a bit daunting, but HELPFUL! Work your tail off, plan a few things, then use this post as a guide to relax with your honey.

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This week we’re forcing ourselves to have a little fun!


The Ugly Truth

Incase no one told you, planning a wedding is incredibly difficult. We knew it would be, but since getting engaged, several married friends have told it was the hardest part of their relationship so far.


Since Shawn and I had a heads up, we prepared as much as possible. Our strategy? Lots and lots of date nights. Truth be told we’re very busy right now, but for those times that get to be too much, we force ourselves to put off planning the wedding or cleaning the kitchen, and we go do something fun. Sometimes it’s as simple as watching Netflix, but lately it’s been exercising! No joke, we are really into pickup basketball right now. It’s very comical but a great way to work our the stresses of our day.

Incase you’re as bad at dribbling as I am, I’ve jotted a few other ideas down. Try a few of these dates when you feel like planning is all too consuming!


10 Date Night Ideas

1. Binge watch your favorite show

2. Head to the park for a pickup game of basketball (our newest activity!)

3. Get dressed up and go to a swanky rooftop bar for drinks

4. Go to the grocery store and make a meal from scratch (we’re really into cooking Mediterranean meals)

5. Go on a walk together (we do this a lot)

6. Go for a drive in a few neighborhoods and “shop” for a future home (we love daydreaming about our married life together)

7. Take a workout class together (spin, yoga, etc.) Working out really helps us unwind and it’s great for your body!

8. Take turns trying each others hobbies. Shawn might teach me how to fish, and I might teach him how to make a family recipe. You both learn something new!

9. Establish a “no technology” night and play board games, complete puzzles, etc.

10. Take a cooking class, painting class, etc. It’s a great way to leap out of your comfort zone and do something out of the ordinary.


This list might not be your personality, but you should try to do something to take your mind off planning! Think about what makes you and your person happy. Whether it’s seeking adventure, or relaxing at home, make it a priority during this busy season.

Did I mention I get married in 6 weeks?! I’m sort of freaking out! Shawn and I will definitely be using one of these topics for a date night this week. Comment below with your favorite date night and we’ll give it a shot!


PRO TIP OF THE POST: When wedding planning becomes overwhelming, write down a list of 3 date nights you want to do with your partner and schedule them! If you don’t make time for them, they’ll never happen.

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