Week 6: How We Asked Our Bridesmaids

Y’all, we are CRUSHING these Wedding Wednesday’s! You know the drill, if you need to catch up, check the previous posts below. 🙂

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This week we’re talking about my crew, and how I asked them one very important question.

Who To Ask

By now you’ve probably thought through who you want in your wedding. I chose those who have stuck by me and made me who I am today. Long before Shawn started to put up with me, these gals took care of me! They have supported me and shown me tough love, and balanced those two things beautifully. Most of all, they were chosen because they know me and Shawn. They pray for us and champion us in this next season, and that was really important to me.

Who comes to mind for you when you hear my description? THOSE are the people to stand by your side when you say “I Do”.

Where To Start

If you jump to Pinterest, you will be swallowed by hundreds of cute ideas. That being said, it’s not so much what you pick, but why you picked it. Attach a special message as to why you want these people by your side. You can’t go wrong with a fun gift, but they mostly want to know you care! My sisters and friends knew they would be bridesmaids, so the rest was a formality.

Now For The Fun!

Having an Etsy shop myself, I love to support Etsy Sellers. I found these adorable custom puzzles, and I couldn’t resist getting them for my girls!

Bridesmaids: Each bridesmaid had a custom puzzle that had their name and hair color specified in the artwork. As they put the puzzle together, they started to read a secret message that was on the board!

Flower Girls: Okay, I may be biased, but I have the CUTEST flower girls in the world! I wanted to get them an interactive game, so as to stretch the anticipation of the gift. I chose a customized coloring book with their names on the cover. The book walks through the duties of a flower girl, and helps prepare them for their special role.

Book for Tinsley  | Book for Harley


We Can’t Forget The Groomsman!

I let Shawn pick who he wanted by his side, but we both agreed on the wedding party as a whole. We knew and loved everyone in the group, and picked those who would foster our love for one another for many years to come.



PRO TIP OF THE POST: The gift isn’t as important as the message. Tell you gals how much they mean to you and the perfect gift will follow.

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