Week 5: Tackling Your Wedding Registry

HOLY MOLY, IT’S WEEK 5! Read the first four posts to get some helpful tips for planning your wedding! (Week 4 is where I save you oodles of money.)  😉

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This week we are talking about that magical registry! I talk about what you need, how we registered and things to avoid.


First Things First

Before you go completely insane at the Crate and Barrel around the corner, talk to your partner about expectations. Shawn and I are getting married later than some, and we already had many of the things we needed. We sat down, looked at what we had, and then found reasonable items to fill what was missing. That’s it! It seems simple, but when the shop owner hands you that scanner gun, you tend to register for way more than you need, or can store in your cabinets. Tackling your wedding registry will only be as difficult as you allow it to be.


Now For The Fun Part

Shawn and I went with the ABC’s. We registered at Amazon, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Crate and Barrel. We wanted to make shopping easy on our guests by picking some variety.

Amazon: Most friends our age live on and we picked smaller things like utensils, trashcans, and Tervis tumblers, etc. (Shawn is from the south, so tumblers with the Florida Gators on them were a must.)

Bed Bath and Beyond: My mom loves the 20% of coupons as BB&B, so I thought others might take advantage of that! We ordered several “appliances” like a mixer and coffee maker. BB&B has a great return policy, and gives you a discount on items from your registry that were never purchased. (Several stores do this, so be sure to ask.)

Crate and Barrel: C&B best resembles the Style Shawn and I wanted to have in our home. Most of the decor, wine glasses, plates, etc. came from here. We love natural wood finishes, white linens and greenery. C&B matched our decor needs perfectly.


Those Awkward Wedding Funds

We decided to register on one more platform. Cash funds are awkward to talk about, but what’s the big deal? I wrestled with and decided to let it go. Group gifting is becoming more common among Millennial’s and people who get married later in life, so we went for it. As I mentioned above, we didn’t need many things like flatware or baking dishes, but we did need a few larger items that were tough to budget on our own. Something neither of us had was a couch. It was too expensive for just one person, but a great way for a handful of friends to pitch in and help get us one! Not all wedding websites allow this type of gifting, but Zola, our website platform, does. Before you create an entire wedding website, think about the easiest one to connect with your registry.


What We Avoided

The lists of things stores tell you that you “need” is endless. Instead of picking fine china that we knew we would never use, we opted for things that would fit in our small home, and get used all of the time. In a time where we are combining two homes, we don’t want a bunch of extra stuff! We methodically picked each piece and never got more than we needed.


PRO TIP OF THE POST: Instead of worrying about the list of items a store swears you need, ask a few married friends for their experience! My soon-to-be sister in law told us to register for a trash can. Who would have thought to do that? Not me! It was great advice from someone who experienced it first hand, and we now have a super cool trash can on our registry.  🙂

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