Wedding Wednesday – Week 2: I’m Engaged! Now What?

Week 2: I’m Engaged! Now What?

It’s Wedding Wednesday! If you haven’t read the intro post to this series, you may wanna do that.

If you’re up to speed, bravo!

Congrats on your engagement! You’ve just made a huge step in the right direction, but now what? After the initial shock wears off, you may tend to panic a little bit. I was thrilled (but very naive) when it came to how much work getting married would take. Shawn was very patient with me and we waited a few days before announcing to the world. I knew that once we did, we would feel obligated to start planning the wedding (bleck). I just wanted 48 hours of engagement bliss with my honey before it turned into utter chaos!

I’m being a little dramatic because it hasn’t been that bad, but it really does go from 0 to 100 real quick.

After your S/O slips that ring on your hand, it’s time to get very strategic about a handful of things.

First Things First

  1. Ring Insurance – (Luckily, Shawn is incredibly responsible and never would have left town (we got engaged in the mountains) without taking care of this for us. We did have to put my name on the insurance when we got back, however! It was painless but one more (very important) thing on the list. Also, since we’re not living together before we’re married, I’ll have to update the insurance to our new address when we tie the knot. Be sure to check and make sure your addresses are up to date for these sorts of things!
  2. Set a Budget – This is a very personal decision that you won’t hear me talk much about. It’s not my job to tell you your family dynamic, but let me just say this: you and your fiancé will have to make about 1,000 decisions in a matter of months, and you better be on the same from the get-go! Talk it over and see what you’re comfortable with. Although there are traditional ways to handle who is in charge of what, don’t feel stuck. It’s 2019 and you do you, baby boo! Luckily we have help coming from all sides. If that’s not the case, don’t be afraid to think outside the confines of tradition!
  3. Set a Date – For us, this was a two-fold task. We had a general timeline of when we wanted to get married, but didn’t have a specific date preference. First, Shawn and I asked our family’s if any dates were off the table. There was a pregnancy on my side of the family and we had to make sure it was either long before, or after the baby was born since there would be travel involved. From there, we made a list of possible dates so when we started looking at venues, we only considered vendors that worked with our possible dates.
  4. Relax! – Your life is about to get infinitely more busy, so take a day or two with your partner and bask in the fact that you just made this monumental decision together based on your love. Between the time Shawn proposed and we announced it, a lot happened! We went snowboarding, watched my nieces open Christmas presents, and made Swedish meatballs (family tradition). It’s those little moments that I go back to when I’m feeling stressed! But don’t worry, babe, you got this.

PRO TIP OF THE POST: Sit down with your partner and decide what 3-5 things are the most important for your wedding day. Is it getting married on a specific date? Maybe on your anniversary? Is it imperative that you get married at a special location no matter how many years out you need to book it? Shawn and I both wanted a shorter engagement and that meant we might have limited options for venues. It ended up working very well and we love our venue, but if it became a scheduling conflict, we knew we cared about the date more than the building.

Next Week: Whip out those calendars, because we’re talking about how long vs. short engagements dictate your planning timeline.


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