Week 10: The Ultimate Bridal Beauty Timeline

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If you’re anything like me, you want to be prepared in the health/beauty department. Whether it’s a new haircut or the latest beauty trend, your girl makes sure to do her research! Read below to get the ultimate bridal beauty timeline and get psyched to look like a vision in white.

Every bride will have her preferred beauty routines, but I broke this post down start to finish, a 6 month routine all the way down to the day of the wedding. It’s a longer read, but you get through it quickly and there are a few helpful links along the way!



Hair: It’s time to make sure you like your stylist and colorist! If not, you’ll need to find one soon and make a plan for your wedding. Want to grow your hair out? Make sure they know exactly what you’re wanting well in advanced!

Skin: This is probably the most fun time of all! Start by experiment with different beauty routines. Set aside one night a week to pamper yourself and try new sheet masks, nail polish colors, under eye gels, etc. I love going to Sally’s and the “mini’s” sections of Ulta and Sephora and picking all kinds of samples to try. From there I found what I liked and kept using it!

It’s also a great time to visit a dermatologist if you have serious chances you want done to your skin. If you want to try new procedures like facials or micro-dermabrasion, do that well in advanced incase you have a negative experience. My Clarisonic has been my best friend this wedding season.

Body: Time to hit the gym! If you’re serious about loosing a few pounds, it’s much easier to do gradually instead of the month before. Make a game plan for how many times a week you want to exercise and stick to it! In a pinch I love to Youtube barre classes from Shauna Kathleen! They’re great for when I’m on the road and don’t have time to hit the gym.



Hair: Now’s the time to get serious with your stylist! If you’re wanting something special for the big day (like extensions) book a consultation with whoever is doing your hair. Not hiring someone for the wedding day? Do what I did and practice your hair several times before the big day. I bought some fill-in pieces of hair to make my hair look fuller for the wedding, and had my sister trim them to make sure they blended in with my hair. Unless you get very lucky, you may need your stylist to dye the extensions to match your own hair. Shop my fill-in’s here.

Skin: If you want to book a makeup artist, now is the time. They can be a niche market and fill up quickly during peak wedding season! I am doing my own makeup for the wedding, but I had a handful of professional consultations to make sure I knew what I was doing. I took the advice I liked, and skipped things that weren’t for me. It was the perfect combo!

It’s also time to start thinking about self-tanning. I really like mousse water formulas that use a tanning mit, and I have practiced several times over the years since it’s already part of my routine. If you’re not used to self tanning, I’d recommend practicing and feeling very confident with your choice before the wedding! This is NOT something you want to risk for the first time.

Body: How are those gym visits going? If you’re working out to fit in the dress, more power to ya, sister. But another reason that kept me going was how great of a stress reliever it was. It was one of the few times in the week where I could clear my mind and get a good sweat on! Keep it up, girlfriend. You’ll be glad you did. These P’tula leggings got me through 27 spin classes while I was sweatin’ for the weddin’!



Hair: Book any final appointments you’re needing and keep up with those conditioning hair masks. You don’t want frizzy hair the day of your wedding! Also, take a few more passes at your wedding hair style. If you haven’t tried the look with your veil, be sure to do so!

Skin: Be sure to stick with your regimen during these last 30 days. Do any final facial appointments and then stick to your at-home remedies. Don’t try any new treatments at this point!

Body: If you’ve forgotten to whiten your teeth, there’s still time! I used white strips here and there, but tried to really crack down during the last month. It’s also time to start eating healthier and cut down on anything like salt or sugar that might cause your skin to break out.




Hair: Some people like to get one final trip a week or two before the wedding. I opted not to since my fill-in extensions seemed to already match. Make sure your stylists knows not to take too much off! Tread lightly, and when in doubt, leave it long.

Skin: Exfoliate and moisturize your skin. It’s going to be hot on my wedding day, so I’m going to load up on lotion the week before, but probably not the day of. Call your beauty team to confirm any appointments you may have left and go light on the makeup this week to let your pores breathe.

Body: Drink lots of water! Skip heavy foods and lots of alcohol and soda. Your tummy will already be doing backflips, so no need to make it worse.



Hair: Decide if you’re going to wash your hair the night before or the day of the wedding. Be sure to take the weather into account!

Skin: Go easy on the skincare products and don’t try anything new! Use super gentle cleansers and products that you know are kind to your skin. Get a mani/pedi with your wedding party and celebrate the fact that you’re slipping a ring on those freshly painted fingers the next day!

Body: Drink lots of water and avoid crazy foods that your body isn’t used to. This is not the time to eat bowls and bowls of cauliflower rice! (Something I’ve been known to do.)



Hair: Do what you know to do. You’ve been practice for months so relax and let those gorgeous locks flow!

Skin: Take your time with your makeup. Be sure to set it really well with setting spray and don’t stress if you need to touch it up later.

Body: Eat a good breakfast! It may be the only meal you get all day so be sure it’s a good one.

Lastly: Wear a robe or buttoned shirt while getting ready so you don’t mess up your hair or makeup when transitioning into your wedding dress.


PRO TIP OF THE POST: Ask other brides for their favorite beauty routines. Chances are you’re missing out on some great (and free) advice!

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