Wedding Wednesday – Week 1: The Intro

Week 1: The Intro

Three weeks ago I dreamt that it was one month out from my wedding, and I had essentially forgotten to do really crucial things like send out invitations and get my dress altered. It was just a dream, but that was the first time I knew the wedding planning process was getting to me.

The next instance was when I was having lunch with a dear friend of mine. I found myself outwardly complaining about the entire process. (SMH, Rachel, get it together!). It’s hard to plan a wedding when you’ve never done it before. It’s as if you’re required to make all of these mistakes to learn the best way to plan something that you hope to never have to plan again.

When I get “panicky” about my schedule, I make lists. LOTS of lists. I make lists to help me organize my thoughts, and seeing my to-do’s somehow calms me and helps me tackle things one at a time. I also really like to write (when I’m in the mood). If you haven’t noticed, the blog posts have been sparse lately. That’s because I’m busy and panicky and bad with finishing projects! Oh, and I’m trying to plan a wedding. 🙂

Blah, blah, blah. What are you doing about it?!

To stay on track, and to remind myself of all that I have to be grateful for, I’m starting a Wedding Wednesday blog post series. I realize most of my readers aren’t planning a wedding right now, and you could easily go buy a wedding book if you were. Selfishly, this is really more for me than anyone. It’s a way to get my thoughts on paper and feel like I’m in control of the situation. The fact that I’m sharing tips and tricks and free info. with you guys is just a bonus!

So, here we go. Every Wednesday. For 12 more Wednesday’s…

Wish me luck!

P.S. Next week is all about the different timelines of planning a wedding!

PRO TIP OF THE POST: You’re engaged! Now what? Before diving into what might be one of the more stressful times of your relationship, take a couple days to relax and celebrate. The plans can wait, but the smooches and champagne toasts are what you want to look back on and remember!

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