Watercolor Dress


Don’t you just LOVE it when a boy sends you flowers?!

I’m not a huge flower person but I think tulips are beautiful and when I received this awesome blossom bouquet, I knew I had the perfect dress to match. My poor sister bought this dress at TJ Maxx and I swiped it almost immediately because it was so cute and I fell in love with the watercolor pattern even thought I’m not one for wearing many bright colors.

This is one of the the most comfortable dresses in the world and the loose shape really makes it great for running around town or hanging out with friends. The watercolor effect makes the pattern stand out and is a lot different from my usual black and white garb.

I paired the dress with chunky black heels and black spike earrings to add a dramatic touch. I also wore my favorite aviators from Charlotte Russe because I was feeling matchy-matchy. Im glad my sister let me snag the watercolor dress because it’s quickly becoming a staple in my closet!

If anyone needs to send me flowers, make sure it matches my outfit. 😉

Thanks for letting me borrow the watercolor dress, baby sis!

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime