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Featured Product: VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair

Featured Product: VIIcode O2M Oxygen Eye Mask For All Night Repair


Did anyone feel a giant skincare jump once they entered their twenties?! It seems like when I finally grew out of my teen acne, I started to notice little wrinkles and sun damage on my face.


Haven’t I suffered enough?!


Making A Change

Since starting a big skincare journey this past year, I’ve taken extra care of the skin around my eyes. Not only is it more delicate than the rest of the skin on my face, but it’s also one of the more noticeable areas where I see puffy/saggy skin and crows feet. You can bet your bottom dollar that under eye masks are now part of my routine!

I have tried a myriad of eye patches (serum based, vitamin C specific, you name it, I’ve tried it). My favorite, though, are the patches that focus on hydrating the skin around your eyes. Not only do I feel like they’re the most effective, but I also like how calming they are to my entire nighttime regimen.

VIIcode has been one of my favorite nighttime routines. The first pair of overnight eye masks to ever try, I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was definitely optimistic!

One box lasted me two weeks. Because I was experimenting with the products, I made sure to follow the same steps each time for the purposes of getting the best result. Each box contains 6 pairs of under eye masks. You use 3 treatments per week, so I did the experiment for two weeks per box.


Getting The Most Out Of Every Pair

Y’all know I’m a sucker for keeping my beauty products in the fridge! This was no exception. The cooling gel formula felt so good on my skin and I loved knowing that it was also hydrating under my eyes. I also thought the patches would slip off during my sleep, but they didn’t! (Keep in mind I sleep on my back like a mummy so if you wiggle a lot, you may get a different result.)


Application Station

I’ve started to really love under eye patches, but my problem always remains the same: I want to get as close to my eye as possible without actually getting anything in my eye! Because this is an overnight product, I was a little more cautious than usual and didn’t keep them so close to the bottom of my eyelids. (See photo above for example.)

I made sure to get at least 7 hours of sleep each time I used them, and for most of the nights I was able to get 8 hours of sleep.

I loved my results!

After about 3 applications, I started to see results. I noticed that my eyes weren’t nearly as puffy when I woke up and the skin around my eyes appeared smooth and firm, but not overly tight and dry like other masks. The best part about the gel masks is that they don’t leave any residue and gave my skin a subtle glow when I woke up.

Another great feature? There wasn’t any clean up! I tossed the used masks in the trash and went straight to my morning skincare routine without any messy rinsing or product buildup.

Pro Tips:

  1. I like to keep my eye masks in the refrigerator. It keeps them cool and makes them feel so soothing when applied!
  2. Test the first set of patches (at least 4 hours if you can) during the day. If you happen to have irritated skin and need to remove the patches, it won’t have been in the middle of the night!
  3. Avoid wearing moisturizers and serums while using the eye masks to ensure they properly stick to your skin. You want every little bit of product to absorb into your skin and not be blocked by a daily moisturizer. Since this product is used every other night, I was able to use my favorite serums on opposite nights while I slept. Win, win!


If you’re new to eye masks, don’t be afraid. They’re easier than sheet masks, and less mess than clay or gel masks. I keep a pair with me when I’m traveling and have a stash in the fridge. Not sure where to start? Ask the helpful team at VIIcode what products to try first!



Thanks so much to VIICode for partnering with me on this post! As always, all opinions and experiences are my own!