Two LV Dupe Makeup Bags I’m Currently Loving


I love a good makeup bag! I even make them from time to time. 😉 But nothing quite compares to a quality makeup bag that looks way more expensive than it is! While It’s unlikely that I’ll ever use a designer makeup bag to have all of my beauty products explode it, you can bet that I’ll spend a fraction of that just to get the look! Read about the two LV dupe makeup bags I’m currently loving and snag one for yourself!


Checked Bag in Brown

I got this bag right before my honeymoon and it’s lasted almost two years! I’ve talked about it several times and got two of my sisters hooked on it! By far the more versatile bag, it’s great for cramming as much skincare as possible in a carryon. It’s a fairly good dupe considering my friend likes it just as much as her real LV! While I don’t typically toss this particular makeup bag in a work tote, you certainly could. I certainly use it mostly for skincare and less for makeup (more on that below). It holds all of the shampoo, facewash, SPF, perfume, serum, lotion, and toner that my heart could possibly desire.


Checkered Bag in Cream

This is the newest addition to my collection of makeup bags! I love it because it’s compact enough to fit in a tote bag or work purse and holds its shape extremely well! The toiletry bag is made from PU Vegan Leather and can be used for more than a few beauty products! It often holds my hand sanitizer and airpods, and anything else I might need for work. It’s also a great option if you don’t wear a lot of makeup! I used to keep all of my makeup in the brown bag above, but I wear a lot less makeup now that I’ve found a few items that I really like.

It holds my all-time favorite foundation, my new mini face palette and a pair of lashes and lash glue in it. I have plenty of room to toss a few extra things like makeup brushes and lip balms, but that’s really all I use at the moment. The other great thing about this bag over a full on LV designer bag? The vegan leather makes it super easy to clean! I got a massive amount of lash glue on the outsize of the bag (including the zipper) and it wiped right off! (Thank goodness because I had only owned it for a week).

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