Two Casual Outerwear Pieces You Need This Fall

If I had to pick a favorite season, it would be fall. Everything fun happens in the fall! My birthday, fun holidays, and tons of classic fashion. No matter your style, you can always find outerwear that is both affordable and versatile. Read below to see two casual outerwear pieces you need this fall!


The Shacket

The shirt-jacket became wildly popular last year when, I’m sure, someone much younger and cooler than me started the trend. While I don’t always hop on board every fashion experiment, this is one I can definitely get behind.

I love a shacket for layering and for that extra “casual” look while still wearing something other than sweatpants. Even though it’s just as comfortable as a hoodie, it gives off the appearance of being more put together, when in reality you’re still incredibly cozy!

Since shackets are still technically a trend, don’t go out and buy several. Stick to one or two very neutral colors like cream or black, and style them over and over! This one comes in 7 colors and is only $25! Did I mention is has over 1,000 reviews? I also love the camel color.


The Pullover

I love a good pullover as much as the next gal, and the bigger the zipper, the better! Part of the trend reminds me of school uniforms, but I think that’s part of the fun. The preppy pullover can easily be work with any type of denim and even with a sporty skirt or dress. It is most certainly coming with me on a fun trip next month!

Unlike the shacket, this style has been around for much longer. I’ve collected several pullovers throughout the years and this is the newest addition! Also $25 (go figure) this one will certainly make all of your fall adventures more cozy. Stumped on how to style? Pair it with my favorite denim (on sale now) and some loafers, and you’re good to go!

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