Travel Size Beauty Kits For Your Next Adventure

It’s the season of spring beauty launches and packing for far off places! I love this time of year because the weather is turning warmer and everyone is itching to book a 3-day weekend. The only thing I love more than going on a vacation, is researching travel size products to bring on the vacation! Yep, I’m that weirdo who scours the beauty stores for new minis and samples just to have new products to try on my trip.

Read below to learn about 3 travel size beauty kits that I am loving right now!

Kopari Beauty

This is one of my favorite travel kits of all time! It’s great because it doesn’t take away from my “must have” face wash but doesn’t have a bunch of added items that I wouldn’t normally use. The cleaning oil is great for when you need a double cleanse. It’s also good for just a single cleanse if you don’t have any makeup on. The lip gloss is super hydrating and the facial spray is perfect for long trips where you’re skin is tired and dehydrated. My favorite item in the kit is definitely the coconut face cream. I have bought multiple full-size tubes of it and I never get sick of it!



I have used elf cosmetics over the years, but haven’t tried many of their skincare items. I was super intrigued by their new line and I loved testing these products. The eye cream has become a new favorite since I had been searching for one for a while. The prep & hydrate balm is really unique and great for anyone who has tired and dry skin from traveling. After applying, I’d recommend leaving it for 5-10 minutes and rubbing in any extra product. I probably won’t add the other 3 products into my daily routine, but it’s a great little beauty kit for a 3 day weekend!


Andalou Naturals

I have talked about Andalou Naturals starter kits a few times on the blog but I truly love the brand! They have several skincare lines that focus on things like anti-aging, brightening, acne prone skin and sensitive skin. It’s a win-win that you can test them out and also keep a travel kit of your favorite products under your counter for upcoming summer vacations. I typically get the kits from Amazon, but you can find the Andalou brand at most health food stores like Whole Foods and Central Market. Swatch the Vitamin C Renewal Cream the next time you’re in a store!


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