Top Beauty Products I Keep In My Refrigerator

Does anyone remember how Carrie Bradshaw or Lorelei Gilmore would keep shoes in their oven because they needed the storage? Well, I’ve taken the same approach with my beauty products and my refrigerator.

Over time, I’ve found that some beauty products work best when chilled, and since I pretty much only eat potato chips, I have room in my fridge to spare.

Below you will find some of the absolute BEST products to keep in your fridge, and if you are a sample hoarder like me, they won’t even take up much room.

Caffeine + SPF

Coola – Liplux SPF 30: This chapstick almost has no choice but to be in the fridge! When I apply it to my lips it becomes instantly melty, and I make a habit of keeping it in the fridge at all times. It’s great for when I come in from the pool for a glass of water and open the fridge to see a friendly reminder that I need to reapply SPF to my lips. I linked the original flavor because I can’t find the one I received quite some time ago. Unfortunately it’s tough to find my flavor (Peppermint + Vanilla), but the original flavor has twice the SPF so it’s worth it.

100% Pure – Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream: I put caffeine IN my body, why not put it ON my body?! Like with most eye creams, even if the properties don’t truly work miracles, any sort of cooling sensation works to reduce puffy eyes. The caffeine also cuts down on some of that puffiness so it’s a win-win.

Serum + Moisture

Caudalie Vinoperfect – Radiance Serum: This serum and moisture sorbet pack a one-two punch when it comes to skincare. The serum is applied in little droplets, so the cooling sensation helps with the smoothness of application. After I apply the serum to my face, neck and d├ęcolletage, I move on to the sorbet.

Caudalie Vinosource – Moisturizing Sorbet: I like the moisture sorbet on its own, but it always helps to add the serum first. Grape water and chamomile make the PERFECT ingredients to keep in the fridge and they work very well together! It’s super moisturizing and works really well when paired with the base layer of serum. One adds a natural glow, and the other, a healthy seal of moisture.


Creams + Gels

Sephora Gel Mask – Hydrating & Quenching: Hands down the best “gelly” mask I’ve ever used. I actually like it better than all of the gel-based moisturizers I’ve ever gotten my hands on. The instructions say to wipe it off after letting it sit for 5-10 minutes, but I just gently rub it into my skin and never rinse it off. I’ve even gotten one of my sisters using it!

H2O+ Beauty – Oasis Hydrating Treatment: The nice thing about this product is that it already has cooling properties if you keep it in your makeup bag. If you get a chance, however, to place it in a cool area, it helps all the more!

Murad – Retinol Youth Renewing Night Cream: It’s too early for me to see real results in this product yet, but it smells amazing and the before and after photos of clients look really promising.


Clinique – All About Eyes: As I mentioned before, any time you can add an eye-based product to the fridge, it’ll help with under eye puffiness. The great thing about this product is that it has a small metal roller ball that already helps keep things cool! Perfect for a swipe mid-day or every morning and night. I use it as often as I can remember to.
Clinique – Repairwear Laser Focus: I only use this product at night, but it’s light enough that you could use it under your makeup. It’s not as easy to apply as the rollerball, but I trust it just the same.


The best thing about this post is that it’s not set in stone. Want to apply this to your own life but don’t like these products? YOU CAN USE YOUR OWN!

Stick to cooling gels and creams, and target the products that help in the hot sun (aloe and SPF). Also, be on the lookout for anything with a rollerball, a two step product with a serum, or a product that reduces dark under eye circles. You can even keep a spoon in the fridge next to your products to have it chilled when you need to eliminate your early morning dark circles!

Comment below with your favorite products that you like to keep in the refrigerator! I’m always on the hunt.