The One Pair of Shoes You Need This Season: Nude Mules


If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about spring and summer wardrobes, it’s that less is more.

Think about it, in the winter you have scarves, boots, and layers galore! In the summer, however, it’s likely a sun dress, sandals and maybe a bracelet or two. I actually like the simplicity of a tailored wardrobe, so having a versatile shoe that I can wear all summer long is something I get really excited about.


Photos by Victoria Saperstein


When you have a shoe that blends in with the look, it does a two things.

One, it doesn’t take away from the rest of the outfit. Two, it elongates your legs and adds length to the look. How handy is that? These nude mules have been perfect for jeans, dresses, skirts and even shorts! I’ve added several here to shop, but honestly, you only need one pair.

Happy hunting!


Photos by the unbelievably talented Victoria Saperstein

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