The Daily (Coffee) Grind

joggers: Forever21 // tank: American Eagle  
Happy Sunday everyone!
This mornings post is a little more causal, and a lot more realistic. 
I wanted to show you guys a little bit about my blogging process and how I decide what I want to write about for any given post. 
Step 1: look through several magazines for inspiration
Step 2: drink unhealthy amounts of coffee
Step 3: delete what feels like a billion photos of me blinking 
Step 4: hit “publish” and wait for my friends to text me saying that I have multiples typos in the post
It might not seem like much, but it takes a lot to work through each post. Every topic is carefully chosen and each a little more fun than the last. It really has been a great experience documenting the memories that are being made and I love that I get to publish it for you guys to see! Well, my coffee ran out so this seems like a good time to stop typing. 

The Chief Dime

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