The Best Joggers on the Market Under $35

Joggers have been a trend for quite some time but I am definitely late to the party. For whatever reason, my legs cannot fit into most tapered pants! They’re either too tight in the calves, or bunch funny in the thighs. Either way it’s a mess. I was completely shocked when I tried these joggers on (I even sized down) and had zero problems with the fit. I love these pants so much that I bought them in all 3 colors. Talk about obsessive! These just may be the best joggers on the market under $35.

See how I style them below!

All In Motion Joggers in Olive

Olive the color olive. 😉 Okay, enough of the bad jokes! Seriously, though, this deep green color goes well with some many pieces in my closet. I styled with a denim jacket an cropped tee (my favorite) but you could easily dress it up with some sandals and a tank top! I also love wearing the olive color with a bright white bodysuit, gold jewelry and a low bun. It’s a simple summer look but it’s a little nicer than typical athleisure.

All In Motion Joggers in Black

Black is probably the most versatile color, and I’d argue it also looks the most expensive. The pants are higher waisted than some, and they land right at my belly button. I’m wearing size XS in all three pair of joggers for reference. I also love that there are two zipper pockets. One on the front right and one on the back right pocket. I can keep my card or key on me for walks and not have to bring a bunch of items with me.

Wearing the joggers here with my favorite Rechelle sneakers from Vionic and my favorite cropped tees that I also have in every color. 🙂

All In Motion Joggers in Rose

If you look online, they call this color ‘brown’ but honestly I don’t know where they got that idea. These joggers are the prettiest rose/mauve color on the planet! They would look beautiful on any skin tone. I’m also wearing them with another cropped tee and the same sneakers as above. I think by now we’ve established that I’m an “outfit repeater” but, c’mon, can you blame me?!

The one thing these joggers have taught me is that when you find something of quality, you can make it as versatile as you need it to be! My closet is rather small for having a style blog, but you’d never know from all the mixing and matching. Find a few quality pieces and rotate, baby, rotate!

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime