The Art of Fixing Your Mood

I’m stuck in the airport (while writing this) and that’s pretty much the only reason any posts ever get finished these days! I grew up traveling quite a bit but it still amazes me just how global we are. In light of New York Fashion Week, tropical storms on the East Coast and my always busy schedule, I realized most of us never sit still! And since several of you are likely to get stuck in an airport this month, and he in a bad mood, I figured I’d help you keep your cool with a few simple tips.

How do you decompress?

I managed to remain in a good mood when my first flight got cancelled. I was incredibly patient with the women helping me get on a new flight (you catch more flies with honey than vinegar, in my opinion). What really got my goat, however, was when the second flight was delayed so many times that it also eventually got cancelled!

I can’t expect a perfect travel experience every time. Truth be told, the travel fairies often smile down on me and I have very few travel problems for the frequency in which I’m on the road. While viewing a few hundred people in the terminal deal with stress in all different ways, I started to reflect on how I handle my own stress.

Be aware of your surroundings.

First of all, I noticed that the more helpful people try to be, the more understanding I become. It’s not the ticketing agents fault that your flight isn’t at the gate!

Second, I noticed that I often have a plan B and C in place so it’s not the end of the world when my flight is cancelled on a Thursday night. (All it really did was delay my glass of wine and comfy socks for 24 hours). It’s important to keep your stress in perspective because the person next to you could have been missing something very important like a wedding or a funeral. I always want to be aware that there are others around me who also have somewhere to be.

Here’s how I fixed my mood before it got out of hand.

  1. I had snacks in my bag so there wasn’t a chance of me getting hangry! – My boyfriend doesn’t travel with snacks and I’ll never be able to adjust. I keep them on me at all times! (Seriously, there’s a granola bar in my purse right now.)
  2. I had a pair of comfy clothes easily accessible so I wasn’t stuck in work clothes all evening. I never travel for work in anything but professional clothing, but since I had already worn all of my clean workwear, and I knew I was stuck for several hours, I opted for tennis shoes and leggings. I was more comfortable and able to run from gate to gate while switching tickets over before they were all scooped up.
  3. I had ONE peppermint tea bag left and I made a very calming cup of tea. Okay, this one is really a personal preference. When most of the people on my flight went to vent at the bar in my terminal, I opted for some tea and a comfy chair near the gate. I like a bloody mary as much as the next person, but I  wasn’t about to risk missing an update from the crew. Plus, you never know when your flight will get cancelled and you end up having to rent a car to get home. This is my favorite peppermint tea but since they’re not individually wrapped, I brought these with me on my trip.
  4. I had (because I’m obsessed with skincare right now) a pair of Hyaluronic Acid under eye patches in my favorite The Closet Dime makeup bag. The patches come in little packages the size of a wet wipe so they’re the perfect travel accessory. Did I look silly waiting at the gate in my eye patches? Perhaps, but I didn’t look nearly as sleepy the next day! I also highly recommend the Mesmereyes under eye patches and 5 Day System sheet masks from Flawless by Friday.

Listen to me when I tell you that we all have bad days and l definitely lose my temper at times! But if you can find ways to lighten the mood, it’s always the best option.

And now for the reason why all of you scroll to the bottom of the post, a brand new blooper pic!

If you have no idea what this is about, read the previous post since it is the inaugural post where I explain why I have added less than flattering photos of myself to the world wide web.

Keep it real, y’all. Keep it real.