Summer Workout Essentials

My new workout routine starts today! (Okay, maybe tomorrow.) Although I not the best at sticking to a routine, I can definitely get cute workout stuff to start the motivation process. Getting off your booty is half the battle, right?
I’ve put together some of my favorite workout goodies because I need all kinds of motivation to get me moving. 🙂


1. Yoga Mat from Target is not slippery even during hot yoga sessions and is orange!
2. Face wipes (on sale right now!) I hate running errands right after the gym and not being able to wash my face.  With these babies I can at least postpone my scrub until I get home.
3. Water Bottle  Okay, this is my favorite piece on the blog today! My friend, Sylvia, has a passion for providing clean drinking water to people around the world and she is trying to raise awareness to do so.  These water bottles are insulated, and are great for anyone on the move. Check out the other designs on!
4. Nike Pro Compression Shorts  I don’t think these guys need much explaining. The elastic waist band isn’t too tight but the shorts stay on without any problems. I love them.
5. Zella ‘Double the Fun’ Headband My sister and I each have one and it actually stays on my head fairly well.  They are double banded for more thickness and have rubber lining on the inside so they don’t slip off your hair while you’re trying to out run the skinny girl on the treadmill next to you.

Get out there and move your booty!


The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime