Summer Denim: Skip the Heat Stroke
One thing that makes living in Florida so painful is that the summer heat makes it difficult to wear one of my favorite staples, denimI wear jeans constantly, and I even have lots of denim and chambray shirts that I am always pairing with shorts, pants and skirts. It would be a shame to pack up my favorite staple just because the sun melts everything in sight! 
Before giving up on summer denim completely, try these few tips:
1. Keep It Light – Because you’re adding extra warmth from the jeans, it’s always better to wear a light weight top that won’t make you feel constricted. This Pacsun top has a sheer lace covering, with a cotton camisole built in.
2. Jeggings Are Your Friend – The jeans featured here aren’t technically jeggings, but they may as well be! They are incredibly stretchy and weigh almost nothing (for being jeans, that is). These are from H&M; and have tiny zippers on the ankles so they’re a tad more fancy than your typical pair of jeggings. 
3. Easy Breezy – Another great way to wear jeans without having a heat stroke is to wear some sort of distressed denim. Wearing jeans that make your grandpa shout “holy moly” isn’t for everyone, but it’s totally on trend right now, and they make a great addition to any pair of Chuck Taylor’s!
Keep it simple, keep it light.