Styling the Classic Black Coat 3 Ways

There’s something about a versatile coat for fall that actually makes styling it and going out in the cold not so bad! I took a quick trip with my sister last weekend, so we actually shot these photos in Amarillo, Texas. I knew my carryon would be tiny, so I picked three outfits where I could keep the same essentials. You’ll notice that the coat, pants and sunglasses are all exactly the same! The only edit I made was the shirt, the shoes and a hair accessory. Scroll below to read my tips on styling the classic black coat 3 ways.

One last thing before you scroll! I recored an Instagram Reel styling these three looks and it’s really fun! Don’t mock my videography skills, they could certainly use some work. Enjoy!


Sweatshirt + Sneakers + Ponytail

I immediately knew this would be my favorite look to style. Not only is it the most comfortable look of the three, it’s also a fun juxtaposition to have a sweatshirt and a peacoat in one look. I was inspired by the sweatshirt/blazer combo, and I thought I could make it work here. For my hair, I chose a casual ponytail since I was in classic white sneakers. Need even more inspiration? Dress it up with a cashmere scarf, or dress it down with some cotton joggers. It’s been a week since I took this photo, and I’ve already reworn this outfit twice!

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Sweater + Boots + Claw Clip

This look is just barely outside of my comfort zone, but it’s so cute! I have a longer torso, so the sweater wouldn’t be as cropped on everyone as it is on me. I also love the addition of the cowboy boot that doesn’t look too western. This look contains classic pieces that could all be worn together or separately!

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Knit Sweater + Mules + Headband

All that is missing in this french inspired look is a baguette and a glass of champagne. I don’t wear headbands very often, but it felt like the perfect accessory to pair with these gold buckle mules! This pair looks identical to the Gucci mules that everyone loves, except these are only $30!

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