Styling Overalls for Fall

If there’s one thing I love it’s a classic pair of overalls. While I don’t wear them often, they never fail to be an easy piece to throw on when I’m feeling stuck creatively with my outfits. I kind of view them like rompers; easy to style and easy to manipulate! Don’t just think of them as something you wear when you’re at a you-pick blueberry farm, think of them as something you can dress up for a fun occasion. Read below to see how I’m currently styling overalls for fall!


The first link is the exact pair that I am wear in size small. third link is the pair I’m wearing except in black! I am roughly 5’7 and I pinned this pair for a more cropped look with the boots. You could easily cuff the pant leg or jeep them unrolled for flats or if you have shorter legs than me.

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Suede ankle boots will never fail you! I also have this pair in a darker caramel color, and I wear them equally! this particular pair of boots has a longer shaft, which I like. I think it elevates the boot and makes them look more expensive.

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At the beginning of fall I always invest in a few solid long sleeve shirts like this one linked below. I typically get one in white, black, and brown or tan. They serve me all winter long and are perfect under any type of sweater, coat, or blazer! I also use this lip balm daily and it brings out the prettiest natural pink in one’s lips. I’d highly recommend it to anyone who doesn’t want to fuss with lipstick and gloss on a daily basis.

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