Spring Layers – Styling a Trench Coat and Ankle Boots

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It seems like anytime we transition seasons, we’re left wondering how hot or cold it will actually be outside.

“I know it’ll be cool, but when the sun comes out I’ll be warm.”

“I know it’ll be warm outside, but when I’m in the coffee shop, they blast the A/C and I’m freezing!”

On and on it goes.

My ideal look for this debacle? A trench coat and ankle booties! I feel like I can convince you about the boots, but hear me out on the trench.

First, we’ve been having major rain in Texas this month. Not only that, but trench coats aren’t traditionally heavy, but instead, they’re protective and useful. They’re also downright classy and work with so many neutral looks! I grabbed this drapey trench coat last fall and it’s worked for dozens of outfits in fall, winter and spring. FYI this coat is slender, so I wouldn’t recommend sizing down!

the closet dime spring layers look 1

Now on to the ankle boots! I love a good pair of sandals as much as the next person, but there’s something about a quality shoe that elevates the look and makes it appear more expensive. The chunky heel elevates my posture and ties the outfit together. It’s also a quality suede material and still light in color, meaning it’s not too overpowering for Spring, when bright colors start to make an appearance.

the closet dime spring layers look 2

Find yourself a few transition pieces for spring that you can wear now, and can also mix and match in early summer and fall. You’ll be surprised how often you reach for a quality white blouse or well tailored pair of jeans!

Not sure where to start? I use Pinterest for inspiration all of the time! Search for “wardrobe staples” or something similar to get the creative juices flowing!

the closet dime spring layers look 3

Use Code: THECLOSETDIME15 for a discount on my sunglasses!

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