Spring Has Sprung – Overalls Edition

It’s finally time to wear overalls again! The Texas heat hasn’t hit us yet but it’s coming. When it does, I’ll have to trade my Spring overalls for a shorter denim pair. Until that time comes, I’m enjoying the cool breeze outside and¬†participating in my favorite Spring activities.

Here is what I like to do when the weather turns from cold to cool.

Buy Fresh Flowers

Spring is the time for farmers markets and Saturday mornings at Lowe’s.¬†Having pretty flowers sitting by the window will never get old and I love picking out plants that smell delicious and encourage you to get outside.

Trade BBC Cream for Blush

I’ve never been one to wear blush, but I started dabbing theBalm’s cheek and lip cream (in the color Pie) onto the highest point of my cheek bone and I love the results. It probably won’t last long because in the summer I use 3 different kinds of bronzer, but for now, I’m committing to rosy cheeks and peek-a-boo freckles.

Air Dry Hair

My hair has very little wave to it these days. Regardless, if I don’t blow dry it, the consistency can be flat. To combat that, I’ve traded my hot tools and damaging products for OUAI’s Wave Spray. It smells amazing and comes in a travel size. I buy two small bottles instead of one large bottle. This allows me to spritz and touch up my look on the go.

Go to Baseball Games

If you don’t immediately think if eating corndogs at a baseball game, you probably haven’t spent enough time with me. I pay very little attention to the game, but I wear tank tops and fun sunglasses, and eat as many snacks as I can.

Switch to Iced Coffee

The best part about going on a sunny stroll is the ability to have a giant iced coffee in my hand. While a lot of coffee shops haven’t mastered a simple cup of hot coffee, almost all have an iced coffee that I can get on board with.


As Winter leaves us, I’m sure I’ll long for the days of snuggly socks and reading by the fire. But as Spring arrives, I’m excited for the new changes and the ability to swap out some favorites.

Be sure to share your favorite Spring essentials with me below!


P.S. If you’ve made it this far in the post, you must be a true fan of the blog (or my mom). To reward your commitment to the blog, here is the original post of me wearing these corduroy overalls.

Can you believe this was over THREE YEARS ago? Notice my long brunette hair, my inability to look directly into the camera, and my use of the word “duh” in a headline. It’s quite fantastic if I do say so myself!

Love you dimes. Thank you for reading all of these years.