Skin Accessories for the Traveler – Spain Edition

Did you guys know that cabin air often contains less than 20% humidity? Seeing as I am usually Texas or Florida, this means a huge adjustment for my skin. Between the low humidity and the recirculating air on the plane, my skin has trouble getting enough hydration when I travel. Since I hate being unprepared, I made sure to bring the exact skin accessories I would need for my trip to Europe.

First things first! A few days before my trip I cut back on coffee and alcohol. Both items can be tough on my skin, and I wanted to regulate my sleep before having to jump forward 7-8 hours due to the time change. I also doubled up on my water consumption and limited the amount of makeup and bacteria that usually comes into contact with my skin. Prepping my skin is just as important as what I do on the plane flight over!

Next I thought about how I was going to keep my skin in check. Below you’ll find the products I brought with me, and the order in which they were used.


When you’re traveling, you don’t always have the option to wash your hands, but bacteria is all over the place. Before you touch your face, you’ll want to sanitize those grubby little travel hands! I love this EO lavender hand sanitizer because it’s not too strong of a scent and sprays directly into my hand.



Once your hands are clean, it’s time to get to work. As soon as I’m on the plane I make sure my skincare bag is within reach. Right before I head to bed, I use the tiny, tiny airplane bathroom and prep my skin for the long 8 hour flight. The Aveeno Cleansing Pads are perfect for traveling because they already have medicinal face wash soaked into the pads. This means I don’t have to worry about TSA size regulations or whether something is liquid or hazardous.


If I could use one toner for the rest of my life, it would be the Andalou Clementine + C Toner. I even bought the entire travel set so I could try all of the vitamin C products! After washing my face, I take a cotton round and pour the toner solution on to the pad. You’ll know the product is working as you rub it on your face because there will be bacteria that your face wash couldn’t quite catch! It’s so satisfying to see just how much dirt and oil is removed from one little cotton round.


Serum (Under Eye)

I always get puffy eyes when I fly or have trouble sleeping the night before. The Clinique All About Eyes Serum has a metal rollerball which cools an reduces puffiness under my eyes. Luckily I brought my sample serum, because right after I used it, I promptly dropped it right in the toilet. This means I had NO SERUM on the flight home from Europe! It was a sad day for everyone involved.



My Sephora Sea Fennel Gel Mask is always with me and comes in two convenient sizes! I brought the travel size for obvious reasons and it lasted all week long. The mask instructions say to wipe off after it has set into your skin, but I use it more as a moisturizer, and never remove any excess product. It practically melts into your skin and smells amazing!


Moisturize Lips

My Carmex Vanilla Chapstick is the only thing I truly need in the way  of essentials. I not only slather it on my lips, but I’ll even use it on dry, cracked knuckles when I’m in a pinch.


Moisturize Hands

The Nivea Moisturizing Cream is pure gold! It comes in 3 sizes: 6.8oz. tub / 2.6oz. tube / 0.84oz. pale like the one you see above. Having three different size options for a product that you actually love is so difficult to find these days. I usually keep a big jar in my bathroom, a small tube in my car and a tiny pale in my purse. It works for all occasions!

Once all of this was done, and I had taken more than my fair share of time in the bathroom, I went back to my seat, put on my fuzzy socks and eye mask, and passed the heck out.

8 hours of terrible sleep later, we would be landing in Spain!


Rest Eyes

These under eye gel patches from Miss Spa are the bees knees! The instructions say to wear them for 20-30 minutes, so my sister and I put them on once the pilot said we were entering our initial descent into the Barcelona airport. It was one last ditch effort to not look like I had spend the last 8 hours on a plane, and it worked!


I highly recommend starting a skincare routine of your own when traveling. Just knowing how dehydrating flying can be is a good start to getting your booty in gear to try and prevent more moisture loss.

If y’all have any questions at all about these products, feel free to reach out by commenting below or messaging me through Instagram! Happy traveling.