Sephora 2020 Spring Sale

THE SEPHORA 2020 SPRING SALE IS ON! If you’re anything like me, you add all of the new beauty and skincare goodies to your cart and wait impatiently for everything to go on sale one at a time. NOW YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT!

The Sephora Spring sale is officially live for all beauty insiders and has special dates for each category of shopper.

ROGUE: 20% off – April 17 – May 1  | CODE: SPRINGSAVE

VIB: 15% off – April 21 – April 29  | CODE: SPRINGSAVE

Insider: 10% off – April 23 – April 27  | CODE: SPRINGSAVE

Obviously some exclusions apply, but a lot of awesome goodies are on sale. Be sure to keep this handy dandy list bookmarked, because these items sell out FAST!

I’ve also linked everything on my page so it’s easier to shop on the go.

Now let’s get started!


PRIMER – This primer is so popular right now! It melts into your skin so nicely and doesn’t leave any tacky or stick residue. Not in your price range? This DUPE is taking the beauty world by storm!

BLENDER – We all have that love/hate relationship with our beauty blender where we love the results but hate cleaning the dang thing. I love the new sponges in a nude color. It definitely doesn’t look and feel nearly as dirty as the original hot pink sponges.

TINTED SPF SERUM – This skin tint is already getting major hype! My guess is that it’s similar in consistency to another tinted liquid SPF that I love. It’s not 100% coverage, but it’s great for a little color and a lot of sun protection.

GLOW PRIMER – I love this coconut smoothie primer. I use it for glow, not for matte priming, but it works really well for that sun kissed glow! I pay special attention to the bridge of my nose and my cupids bow. It’s also great to put on my eyelids for a bit of shine.

MATTE BRONZER – I LOVE matte bronzers. I can get a glow from other products, so a high-quality, deep cocoa brown bronzer is my go-to. Scared to try the new brand? I also love this more affordable matte bronzer to pieces!

GLOSS LIPSTICK – I’ve talked about this product several times, but it lives up to the hype! It glides on like a lipstick, but has a hydrating component that makes it look like a lipgloss. It’s like nothing else I’ve tried! Favorite Shade: Sugar Sugar

CREAM BLUSH – This brand JUST LAUNCHED cream blush and bronzer exclusively at Sephora. While I love matte bronzers, I am totally obsessed with a cream blush finish. As soon as my summer tan comes in, I plan to wear just a touch of cream blush and that’s it! I’ve also raved about this convertible color, and even wore it at my wedding. Invest in a good one, my friends.

AIRBRUSH FOUNDATION – This is hands-down the best airbrush foundation I have EVER tried! It’s pretty much ruined me for life since I love it and think almost all other foundations disappoint. I’ve found one DUPE that I can live with, but that’s it! I also wore this for my wedding and I’ve loved it ever since. The quality is REAL!



HYDRATING MASK – This product is a cult favorite, and does one thing really well: HYDRATE! I really like the consistency and it does what it claims to do. It has replaced another favorite hydrating mask of mine that is now discontinued. The only thing I wish is that the mask was clear so I could wear it on airplanes and be less noticeable. If you’re at home, it’s not a problem, but I love wearing hydrating masks when I fly!

SPF EYE CREAM – I have been LOVING under eye cream. It has a glow to it and is SPF 40. The formula does have some tackiness, but it goes away after it’s been on your skin for a bit.

AHA RESURFACING SERUM – I’ve been using this resurfacing serum for almost two years and it has definitely improved the texture of my skin. It tingles at first, so if you’re not used to AHA or BHA products, be sure to read the instructions and start slow.

COCONUT SKINCARE KIT – This is my favorite simple skincare kit of all time. I wrote about it recently and shared how great it was to take on-the-go. Not interested in trying the entire kit? I’d highly recommend the face cream and cleansing oil.

FACE TANNING DROPS – A little goes a long way with these drops and they are super hard working! I use the medium/dark shade because I love to have a deep bronze look, but the light/medium work just as well! It gives me more of a natural glow instead of a deep tan but I do use both of them in my routine. Try this DUPE if you want to ease into the tanning drops routine. PRO TIP: Swatch a couple of drops on your wrist for 24 hours to see what the color looks like. From there you should be able to decide which shade works best for you.

MAKEUP REMOVER WIPES – These are my favorite Sephora wipes of all time. They’re super hard working and don’t strip my skin. Plus, they have travel size packages so you can keep them in your purse or gym bag!




SHAMPOO  /  CONDITIONER  /  DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT – This brand just launched in Sephora and is the ultimate influencer pick right now. I haven’t tried this line yet, but I’ve heard great things. The creator has years of experience in the hair industry, and I use the sister brands clip-in hair extensions. Gotta love a gal who can do it all!

HAIR OIL – This is also a new product that launched earlier in this month. I was lucky enough to try it for a few weeks before the big launch and it definitely lives up to the hype! A little goes a long way with this oil, and I’d recommend focusing on the ends of your hair.

DEEP CONDITIONING MASK – There are few things I love more than a deep conditioning mask. This one has a massive following for a few reasons. It works really well, it smells amazing and it has long-lasting results! Use weekly for healthy, soft locks.

CURLING IRON  /  CURLING WAND – The curling iron vs. wand debate will always be something we fight over, but wether you need the extra clip or not, you’ll love how these tools create the perfect curls and waves. Each tool comes with 3 different size barrels so you can switch it up as your hair grows!

DRY SHAMPOO – This is my favorite high-end dry shampoo. It comes in a travel size so you can test it out and see for yourself. While I use this product sparingly, it’s great for date nights and times when you really don’t want any white residue. It also smells amazing, unlike a lot of dry shampoos.

BLOW DRY HAIR STYLER – I’ve done several tutorials on this type of blow dry styler, but this brand in particular is having a moment! Regardless of what company you go with, this styler is a game changer. I’ve personally used the DUPE version for a month or so now, and I’m head over heels for it.


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