Ready, Sweat, Go!

~ Moves Like Jogger ~
This is the first of 5 posts that I will be doing this week on fitness! 
5 posts in one week? YASSS!
tank: Nike // shorts: Academy // pullover: H&M; // headband: Victoria’s Secret – PINK
To be honest, I’m not much of a runner. I’d love to be one of those girls who can come home from a long day, slap on a pair of shoes, and run 5 miles, but I just can’t! It really is a shame because not only is running an excellent way to exercise, but it can literally be done almost anywhere (even on vacation). I like to swim and play sports, but it takes a lot of planning to find a pool that fits my schedule, or a group of people who are willing to kick the soccer ball around with me whenever I feel like it.
Because I’m a total lazy bones, and would rather do a marathon on Netflix than a marathon in New York, it takes a lot of motivation to get me off the couch. Along with cute work out clothes, and fun new braids, music is one of my best motivators. Believe me when I say that if I don’t have my iPod, I will NOT be running. Because of this, I have a plethora of playlists to which I exercise (and even that only works part of the time). 
I was going to post my cardio playlists and then remembered that my taste in music is pretty much a mix between a 5 year old and a 95 year old. Instead, I decided to share some tips for using Pandora. While I like to listen Spotify, (by using my sisters account) a lot of people don’t use it, and hey, can you blame ’em? Pandora is FREE!
Photo by Fit Mommy Diaries
This week is less fashion oriented, and more get-off-your-booty oriented. You’ll get an inside scoop into my gym bag, my favorite yoga classes, and what keeps me motivated to sweat off extra pounds.
***Hint: Donuts. Donuts keep me motivated. 🙂
I’ll be posting all week and would LOVE to hear some feedback from you guys! Whether it’s smoothies or sweatpants, I’m all about making the transition to healthy living as painless as possible.

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