All About Rachel

Hello, lovelies!

My name is Rachel and I am the brains (and the legs) behind The Closet Dime.

I love all things fashion, and like to write when I have free time (which is never). I started blogging almost five years ago, and never thought it would be something more than a hobby! I’ve since worked on dozens of projects and collaborations, and started The Closet Dime Shop a place where I make magical tees and makeup bags for babes all around the world.

How I got my start:

Growing up with four amazing siblings, I’ve had my fair share of bad hair cuts and funky hand-me-down outfits. Through it all, I learned a little about style and a lot about confidence.

This brings me to my overall reason for blogging!

When a woman feels beautiful, you can see it on her face and her personality shines through. My goals is to prove to the “every day woman” that she too can use little tips and tricks to boost her confidence, in the hopes that she will feel as beautiful on the outside, as she is on the inside.

Follow along as I test every style trick in the book!

~ Beauty on the inside, Style on the outside. ~

The Closet Dime

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