Pink Sweater – How A Backwards Sweater Can Be The Better Style Option


There are many times during my normal week where I try on something that has been in my closet for months or years, and all of the sudden get a bright idea. That’s the thing about being creative, it comes when you least expect it.

I have loved this pink sweater for some time, but it’s an odd length on me and I can never seem to make it work with a outfit. After what seemed like forever trying on clothes, I had the strange idea to put the sweater on backwards!

The sweater is cropped, and all though I had on high waisted corduroys, it was still too short! I have a longer torso that most gals my height, and I didn’t want to show my tummy in this particular shoot.

After that, the entire look came together very quickly! It’s crazy how bogged down I can get in my own head about decisions (even style-related) but I try to stay calm and flip the problem on its head. In this case, I just flipped it around completely. 🙂

I can’t always make an article of clothing do what I want, but it’s always worth a shot! Do you wear a piece of clothing in an unconventional way? I want to hear about it! Head over to Instagram to see these highlights and style tips on a daily basis.

Oh, and if you’ve stuck around this long, enjoy the video we put together of me trying to flip the sweater in public! It was a doozy.  🙂