Pink Crop Sweater

Pink Crop Sweater: Lush Fashion Lounge // Denim Skirt: Revie

Cold fronts and chunky sweaters are kind of my jam. Since I’ve been traveling so much, my suitcase has to be ready for anything. It often looks like a jumbled bag of hiking shorts (Washington), warm pants (Ireland), strappy tanks (Florida), and incredibly cozy sweaters (Northern California).

You never know what you might need!

This look is perfect for the ever-changing weather and I’m nuts about this pink crop sweater. I can keep a pair of tights in my purse if I get cold and suddenly need to channel my inner Blair Waldorf. I can also have a fitted tee or crop under my sweater if it becomes warm outside. Trust me, having options is the way to go.

My next trips include places in the Midwest, the East Coast and a little of everything in between. I’m always on the hunt for the next great travel piece so comment below and share your favorite essential!