Off The Shoulder

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Sweater ON SALE: Target // Jeans: Target // Beanie: Cotton On

Okay, so I may have underestimated how cold it was going to be when I got to Oklahoma. For one thing, it has been 80+ degrees in Florida the last several weeks, and I just assumed it was unseasonably warm everywhere. I haven’t even worn pants in Florida yet this year, so I really hadn’t prepared myself for such a cold vacation.

I packed long sleeves, but nothing that would actually prepare me for the below freezing temperatures that met me at the airport. I was an idiot and wore my Tevas that day and quickly realized that I needed warmer clothes and boots instead of flip flops. Even my sweaters were off the shoulder and my jeans had holes in them! My baby sister took me shopping for more gloves and hats, but let’s face it, I belong in warmer weather.

I may be constantly freezing, but I’m still having a blast with my family. My brother and I have birthdays two days apart, so we have been celebrating and eating since we got here. Pizza, cheese fries, ice cream? You name it, we’ve eaten it! Our first Thanksgiving stop was Oklahoma, but we will head North to Kansas soon! I’m thinking I need some more beanies to survive this winter.