November Birthday

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Similar Dress: Target // Over The Knee Boots: Charlotte Russe // Felt Fedora: David & Young

It’s one of my last few days in Florida before I head to the Midwest!

It wouldn’t be a typical Thanksgiving if I wasn’t freezing my booty off, but since it’s been so warm in Florida, I haven’t mentally prepared for the cold!

I am so incredibly excited to see my family for the holiday’s and I’ve been packing nonstop in preparation for what will inevitably be two weeks of my trying to get my pants buttoned (we seriously eat an enormous amount of food).

The reason why I love Thanksgiving so much is simple: the whole family is together. I know that would be anybody’s answer, but for me it’s even more special. I’m not the only one in my family with a November birthday, and we always celebrate them together on Thanksgiving. Even if I have to share a cake with my brother and sister (my mom isn’t about to make an entire Thanksgiving dinner AND three birthday cakes) it’s totally worth it just so we can all be together.

I thought I’d toss this outfit on since the next post will most likely be much more cozy! I’m ready for hot cocoa, and for cookie dough rolls to turn into belly rolls. 🙂