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WE GOT MARRIED! If you’re new to the blog, wow, you have some catching up to do! The last several weeks of our engagement focused on a Wedding Wednesday series that I was so passionate about it. Now that we are officially married, it was time for me to start thinking about decorating our new home!

We don’t have an endless budget, but we do have a great eye for pieces that are multifunctional, and sleek in design! I was so excited to partner with Yamazaki Home for this collaboration, and had a blast picking pieces that were going to make our new house feel like a home. 🙂

I’m going to take you guys through each room of our home and show you just how perfectly every Yamazaki piece worked with our aesthetic!

The Kitchen

When you work from home as often as I do, you tend to wander into the kitchen several times throughout the day. I knew I wanted sleek and compact pieces that didn’t take up much counter space, so I chose this Tower Pour-Over Dripper Stand for my morning (and afternoon) coffee. The best part about it? The stand has an adjustable tower so you can place your taller tumblers under it. My goal is to turn Shawn into a coffee drinker so I can make him some on his way out the door in the mornings. 🙂

The tower comes in black and white, and their website is so easy to navigate, showing you the exact pieces you need for you home! I haven’t perfected the pour-over just yet, but I’m loving the practice and can use the attached filter holder to keep my extra filters for all of my refills.


The Living Room

It’s no secret that I use blankets on the couch pretty much all year long! I’ve called dibs on the chaise lounge portion of the couch and I keep my blankets close by with the super cute Tower Leaning Ladder Hanger which also comes in black! It’s a great way to use the items you already have in your home and A.) create storage and B.) have a stylish piece in the corner. You’ll notice a patter in our home where we aim for minimalism, and then bring our favorite memories and personalities into the designs. My mom even knit one of the blankets that we keep on our rack!


The Guest Bedroom

Shawn, being the gentleman that he is, let me have the ENTIRE MASTER CLOSET to myself while he took the smaller closet in the guest bedroom. (Isn’t he dreamy?!) The only problem is I still needed more room! I know, I have no self-control when it comes to shopping. The Yamazaki Rolling Garment Rack has been a lifesaver for planning looks for styled shoots and packing for trips. It’s also kept me more organized and tidy since I have a place to hang everything while I’m working on a new look. It’s the perfect size to have in the corner of your entryway, background of a vloggers video, or even in your laundry room for hanging freshly dried clothes. It comes in black and white, and as you can see, I loaded it up with practically every accessory on the planet and still had room for my duffel bag and a few outfits. Here’s to hoping I leave less clothes on the floor!


The Laundry Room

I have two major plans for these adorable Laundry Baskets. I originally planned to use them for laundry, and I might keep doing that. Another option is to put the excess throw pillows in them when it’s time to go to bed! It drives me bananas when people throw extra pillows on the dirty floor, and now they won’t have to! It’s also (I’m going to sound like a broken record) free decor AND storage! I’m telling you guys, I will always love that combination.

We got two sizes of baskets and I’m so glad we did! The medium basket is great to fit in a standard sized cube shelf, and the larger basket is perfect for larger loads of laundry like towels or sheets. Plus, how cute are those wooden handles?! I’m in love.


The Master Bedroom

Last but not least are these adorable round Side Tables! Okay, here’s the story on these babies. I originally thought they would go on either side of the guest bed as bedside tables. They’re cute and go well in the room, but we’re not done decorating in there, and I wanted instant gratification. I THEN put them in the living room, where they stayed for about a week on either side of our cute new green couch, which brings us more joy than is reasonable for two adults.

Want to guess what happened next? I couldn’t help myself and now have them IN THE MASTER BEDROOM. Yep, I couldn’t be away from their cuteness, so now I sleep next to them. 🙂 In all seriousness, these side tables are so versatile. Not only have they been in pretty much every room of the house, but they are also the perfect mix of mid-century modern style to stand out in design, while still being subtle in the home. They come in white and black for both round and rectangular shapes. Talk about options!


Not to toot my own horn or anything, but I put together every single one of these pieces by myself and it was a piece of cake! (And I’m not the best with tools.) Trust me, if I can build it, YOU can build it.


Thanks so much to Yamazaki for sponsoring this post and for making our newlywed house feel like a home.

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