My Wedding Dress Experience With Brilliant Bridal


Picture this. You just got engaged to a wonderful man. You’re excited and immediately worried about merging families, planning a wedding, staying grounded, and about one million other things. That’s the headspace I was in when I arrived at a bridal show in January.

You’ve heard me talk about the perks of going to a bridal show before, but I never went into detail about my dress buying experience. Today is that day! 🙂

I met part of Brilliant Bridal’s team at the Dallas Bridal Expo and immediately fell in love with their charisma and charm. They were running an expo special where if a bride booked an appointment with them for a future date, she would receive 25% OFF of her dress! I still have the card as a memento. 🙂 I wasn’t ready to try on dresses yet, but I thought what could it hurt?

A few short weeks later, my sister Jenny drove me to what would be one of the most special days of the entire engagement.



There’s this unsettled feeling that I get when I’m so excited about something that it almost turns into anxiety. All of that melted away when I walked into Brilliant Bridal|Dallas.

The first thing we did was sit down with Monique, the woman who would quickly become my fairy godmother. Unlike many boutiques, they take time to talk with you before you even look at a white dress. Monique explained to me the BB mission and asked me several questions to get me comfortable in the store. Everything was perfectly planned out, even down to the size of the dressing rooms. They created more intimate spaces for gals who come in by themselves or larger spaces for those who bring an entire entourage with them. Jenny and I had a cozy corner that helped calm my nerves and make my experience feel all the more special.


Same Day Magic

The most special thing about BB is that when you find your perfect dress, you can take it home with you that day! Not only are they designer gowns at half the price, they also direct you to dresses in your size range, which is very uncommon in the bridal industry. (If you’ve ever tried on a stock dress, you know it’s difficult to visualize yourself in the garment and even more difficult to know which custom size to order.)

The staff leads you to the area where your size range begins, and lets YOU look through dresses. If you know me, you know that I like to be in control, especially when it comes to style and fashion. I will never forget walking through aisles of lace and tulle, pointing to the princess dresses that I wanted to try on.

After that, it was off to the races! It was lucky dress #3 that made my sister start to cry, and we thought we might have a winner. I tried on a couple after that, and then it was right back into my perfect dress trying on veils and visualizing what the day might look like.


Decisions, Decisions

I was excited, but overwhelmed. How do I know if this is the right dress?! Monique and Jenny were patient while I made the snails-pace commitment. I loved that the BB staff let you come to the big decision yourself. I was never pushed into a dress, and I was even given moments by myself to fantasize about the day and pray over the decision. Listen to what your gut is telling you when you enter a boutique. Take a deep breath, and make the best decision for you!

Not long after, I joined Monique in realizing it was the perfect dress. We put a veil on (the one I decided to buy), and all of my stresses immediately melted away.



Brilliant Bridal’s Secret Sauce

Experience: Many boutiques struggle to make each bride feel like the most important person in the room. I never felt like “one of the many,” so when it came time to make my final decision, I was confident I was making the right choice.

Cost: We’re all guilty of wanting the magical Pinterest wedding. It was a relief to walk into a store that wasn’t overpriced and still had impeccably chosen dresses. They help you find your dream (and designer) dress at a fraction of the price!

Assistance: It was the little things that put BB over the top. They helped me find a place to complete alterations and shared other helpful tips along the way. BB also carried unique bridal accessories like veils and belts. I was able  get everything except my shoes in one special store.

I was hesitant to include this next tidbit, but it shows just how special Brilliant Bridal is. My dress was quite literally one of a kind. A week after getting the dress we realized it was a design that never made it to production. I don’t say this to brag, just to show how unique the boutique is. A dress doesn’t need to be custom, priceless, worn by every woman in your family, etc.. It just needs to make you feel special.

My experience with Brilliant Bridal was irreplaceable and I will always look back

on the day and be grateful for my fairy godmother.


The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime