My Traveling Hats

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With my crazy work/school schedule I don’t get to go home very often. This weekend, however, was a very special birthday weekend and I got to see all of my favorite people! I had way too much brunch for my own good, but most importantly, I was able to raid my old closet for more goodies to bring back with me. One of my big travel dilemmas was trying to figure out how to get all of my hats across the country without them getting smashed in the airport. It was quite the journey, but I finally got all of my traveling hats home safe with me.

Although I may look put together in these particular photos, this was before the great airport excursion of 2016. So as not to embarrass myself, I chose not to post photos of me wearing all of the hats I own (stacked together) on my head for the lady in 23B to see. This Rag & Bone fedora made it out alive (thankfully) along with a few others that I had been pining over for quite some time. This traveling hat situation took a bit of thought and was actually plan B.

Plan A was to have each sibling wear a hat back to their home state and then somehow collect them eventually. While it could have worked if I had more siblings, it was clear that I was about 6 sisters short for this plan to actually work. I settled instead on stacking them all together (a fashionista faux pas for sure) and prayed that I wouldn’t look too suspicious going through security with all of my traveling hats.

This was one of my brunch outfits before everything got all wrinkly in my suitcase. I settled on (big surprise) my favorite Aritzia jeans and simple accessories like this fedora and my Sydney crossbody. Now that my hats are all safe and sound in my apartment, I find myself realizing I will need a couple of hats at my parents house incase I forget to bring one when I visit.

I am online shopping again. Somebody stop me.