My Favorite Luggage For Summer Travel

Wheels up on another adventure! I’m writing this post from the airport, so it’s fitting that I’d be sharing my favorite travel essentials this summer! Since I travel quite a bit, this will be at least a few posts long. First up in the summer travel series? My favorite luggage!

In this post you’ll find my in-flight, road trip, and train-trusted essentials for carrying your goodies from point A to point B.

Shown: Travel Select Savannah 3-Pc. Hardside Spinner Luggage Set (20″ Spinner) in Orange


My feet are currently propped up on this orange cutie in the photo above! I recently bought this 3-piece luggage set from Macy’s and I’m testing it out for the first time. I also have my tried and true Lucas luggage that my whole family swears by (no, really, we have a bunch of their luggage). The Lucas luggage came with me to Spain and Ireland the last two summers and is still in great shape! Finding luggage that won’t quit on you during a trip is a struggle, so when you find it, you gotta grab it.


Shown: Calpak Baye Small Hardcase Hat Box in Noire



I can’t believe I don’t see these hat boxes in the airport more often. It’s the ONLY way I travel with my hats. After too many fedoras getting smashed in the overhead compartments, Shawn surprised me with Calpak Small and Medium hat boxes. They have been a game changer! It’s a stylish way to keeps your hats safe, and has a few pockets inside for other accessories like my makeup bag or a small sweater.

Not a hat freak like me? Kensie also has adorable round hardcase luggage that isn’t meant for hats. You can snag this 2-piece set and be the envy of the gal staring at you from across the terminal.

P.S. These cases are sold at Bed Bath & Beyond, which means you can add them to your wedding registry and travel on your honeymoon in style! You’ll thank me later.  😉




If TSA insists on rifling through your eyeliner and tampons, you may as well store them in cute zipper bag! I’m partial to The Closet Dime Shop makeup bags that I make by hand with so much love, but there are TONS of adorable bags out there! Hudson + Bleecker is a new favorite store of mine. They have several cute clear travel cases so you can see all of your beauty products at once. They’re a great alternative to the coveted Truffle cases which are adorable but pricey!



These packing cubes seemed silly until I actually had them! My (soon to be) sister-in-law bought them for me and I’ve used them on every single trip this year. Especially for longer trips, it’s important to be organized and know how to get to something quickly. I can’t tell you how hectic it can be to get ready with 3 other sisters when someone wants to borrow that tank top that is somewhere at the bottom of your bag. I typically plan my outfits and separate them into cubes, or put all of my tops in one cube, and my bottoms in another.

Since my sister started a jewelry company, I’ve gotten more free necklaces that I know what to do with. I keep them from getting tangled by using a jewelry organizer that keeps everything in place. It’s also great for when I have a lot of styled shoots in a weekend and I need a place to keep different accessories for each look.


If you thought that was a lot of information, you should see the other posts that I’m prepping! Everything from magical leggings that you can wear from the plane to happy hour, to my skincare routine that keeps my skin hydrated during long flights!

Stay posted.