My Day Off

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Whenever I have a day off from work, one of two things happen: I either sleep or blog. There’s little time to do either during my busy schedule, so I write and snooze whenever and wherever I find the time!

No matter if I have to work or have the day off, there’s going to be a coffee in my hand. Typically, it’s an entire pot of flavored coffee if it’s a work day, but on my days off I splurge on fun lattes and cortaditos. The reason for this particular coffee was my bad attitude. I was with a friend and we were exploring around downtown and taking photos along the way. I could not get a good photo to save my life, and I was getting too frustrated for my own good. My friend, Jess knows me really well and automatically bought me a cookie and coffee (yep, I’m kind of like a pet who needed a treat).

The photos we were taking immediately got better! All I needed was a 1,000 calories of pastry and caffeine to turn my frown upside down.

It’s the little things.