Monday’s Vicious Cycle
I know, I know, it’s Monday (pause for dramatic cringing). While  I have about a bazillion things to do today, I am procrastinating on all of them and playing on my blog instead! It is impossible for me to get through a Monday without tacking on my favorite pair of pearls and drinking out of my big coffee mug.  In my experience, the bigger the better! (Truth be told, putting on my pearls was the only reason I rolled out of bed in the first place.) 
I thought I’d share with my fellow followers the vicious cycle that always happens to me on Monday’s. 
If I ever stop roaming the internet, which is highly unlikely, I will plop myself in front of so many books that I will stress myself out and insist on taking a teensy weensy break. So far, my time is split like this: For every 30 minutes I spend studying, I will shamelessly play on the internet for two hours. It’s accidental every time I swear! But it does happen and for every time I try and take a break, it is that much harder for me to get back to what I was barely focused on in the first place.
Tips to prevent your inevitable demise:
Step 2. Get off Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr
Step 3: If you’re having fun, get OFF that website!*** (are you seeing the pattern yet?)
Step 4: Dust off that horrible textbook and get crackin’. 
Step 5: Refer to step one (seriously, Pinterest is deadly)
Now it is time for me to take my own advice and say adios!
Let me know if you attempted to open a book this week!
*** The only exception to this rule is if you are on TheClosetDime’s blog.
       Stay as long as you like 🙂