Making A Statement

Do you notice anything new?

This was the first look I styled after I had my hair cut by an amazing friend and stylist. I knew I’d be making a statement with short hair, so I wanted my first look to do the same.

Make It Bold

This summer is all about making a statement and wearing whatever the heck I want! For years I’ve given the advice that one should dress for his/her body type, not for the trends. I stand by this thought because it’s worked for all of my friends and fashionistas over the years!

While that’s still true, I’ve decided to go a little bolder and wear pieces that I would have been too afraid to wear during other times in my life.

Make It You

It used to be that you’d rarely find me in a flouncy kimono top like this. I’d also never risk a fitted tank and bell-bottom jeans (this one took some courage). Why you might ask? Because it’s too bold I’d say!

I’d look at a style like this and immediately pick apart my body type and think “I can’t pull that off”. It was a total lie I told myself, and I knew it needed to stop.

It took some convincing from my sister, but I mustered up the courage to try BOTH looks in this post and I’m glad I did! I attribute some of this confidence to my funky new hairdo, but it’s truly been helpful to have a “make a statement” mentality with my style.

Plus, if a fun haircut gets you out of your comfort zone, shouldn’t you go for it? I SAY YES!

If there’s one piece of advice I can share to you beautiful readers out there, it’s this: Make a statement. 

Whatever that statement is, jump in with both feet. Do it for yourself, and do it for guys and gals who are still struggling to find their confidence!

I saw beautiful curvy women wearing this look above. While it’s not my typical style, I wasn’t going to let my tomboy build stop me from trying it.


If you’re trying to expand what you feel comfortable wearing, message me and let me help! I’d be thrilled to help you pick some pieces that give you confidence and boldness and help you make your very own special statement.

Striped Kimono: Universal Thread via Target

The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime