Labor Day Sales

Happy Labor Day, y’all!
I stayed up all night finding you the best LD sales I could find! (Not really, I like my sleep too much for that.)
Jolyn: Probably my favorite sportswear company, these swim suits stay on during competitive swimming, surfing and volleyball events. I have personally raced in these one piece suits and practice in the two piece suits weekly.
American Eagle: Where do I start?! Not only were they having crazy sales all summer, (my closet can attest  to that) but they are continuing the tradition with their end of summer sale at AE and their and their sister store, Aerie. Need a little more push? All their jeans are under $30 and as someone who can never have enough denim in her closet, this is good news, indeed. Hope you guys are ready to see some denim on the blog soon. 😉
Selfiechic: Now that school is back in session, it’s time to celebrate that ever so popular nightlife with your gal pals. The only problem? You can’t wear all the “going out” clothes they saw all over Instagram during the months of June and July (or in my case, March)!! Selfiechic really is your one-stop-shop for dresses, jewelry and clutches to prep you for a night of no return.  
Shop Dandy boutique: One of my favorite monogrammed retailers in the South, SD creates pieces that stand out from the crowd while also going along with the current trends of young women today. 
I actually have my eye on this monogrammed tray right now:
Does someone want to buy it for TheClosetDime?!

Thought to be bigger than Black Friday, according to a Forbes article I chose at random, these Labor Day sales are sure to make you feel better about another summer coming to a close. (I actually kind of did stumble upon the article, however, I did read it.)

Hope everyone stays safe on this long weekend!


The Chief Dime

Rachel Munson of The Closet Dime