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Giving and receiving compliments can be a tricky business. It shouldn’t be so difficult to take a compliment, but nevertheless, we often try to minimize the message instead of graciously receiving it. How silly!

Take A Compliment

When Kopari Beauty (the coconut gurus, dare I say) launched their #CoconutCompliments campaign, I wasn’t skeptical, I just underestimated the power of it all. I thought to myself, “I don’t really have a problem receiving compliments, do I?” As it turns out, I’m kind of an odd duck about the entire matter.

As someone who takes pride in their sense of style and fashion eye, I started to put more and more pressure on myself with every social share. I thought to myself, “this photo of me isn’t as good as the previous photo, so I can’t post it”. The cycle would continue whether I couldn’t find a cute outfit, master winged eye liner or get the perfect filter on my Instagram photo. I’ve snapped out of my funk, but at the time, it started to really gnaw at my self-confidence.

Since the measure of my worth hung on every photo I posted, I knew something had to change.

First of all, I know we all hate photos of ourselves. It’s almost as if we take a photo and know we’ll dislike it even before we look at it! (Why, oh why, are we so hard on ourselves?)

Here’s what I’m doing to get back on track

  • Post Less, Engage More: I want to be an encourager on social platforms and focus less on my personal account.
  • Wear Less Makeup: Kopari is really helping with this goal. I’ve taken the time I used to use to apply makeup, to focus on my skincare routine instead. I cleanse, tone and moisturize instead of slather goop on my skin and then I leave the mirror for a good portion of the day. My skin has actually improved because of this! It’s a wonder what a little TLC can do for your complexion.

My skin isn’t perfect, but I’m starting to get used to how I look without a face full of makeup, and it’s been really refreshing!

I know I don’t normally assign homework, but here it is: Your job is to keep me accountable!

Give A Compliment

I’m learning to give compliments in several ways

  • More and more I’m seeing girls who have opened up to me about their insecurities. I’m also seeing one of my sisters step into a leadership role that allows her to spread light and love to women on a daily basis. She’s talked to me a lot about how much of a responsibility this is, and it’s made me want to be an encourager when I can. I want my default emotions to be “supporter, encourager, giver”.
  • Be more bold with companies. For a long time I wanted to work with brands who I thought were doing a fantastic job spreading love and influence. I was too scared to tell them they were doing a good job, and I’m changing that bit by bit.

Dress: Mint Julep Boutique also worn here // Straw Purse: H&M // Printed Cork Heels: Forever21

Feel uncomfortable giving a compliment to someone? Think of this way:

If someone liked what you were creating, wouldn’t you want to hear about it? That’s exactly how brands feel about their hard work! When I liked what Kopari was doing, I told them I wanted to be a part of it. Not because they wanted to give me a bottle of coconut oil, but because I believed in what they were actually selling: CONFIDENCE.

Shown L-R: Coconut Lip Glossy, Rose Toner, Face Cream, Coconut Cleansing Oil

We’re not going to get it right overnight, but I firmly believe that spreading confidence can lead to a stronger generation of men and women. Whether it be by graciously receiving or joyfully giving a compliment, you can help push someone’s day forward and leave them feeling appreciated and loved.

You can shop the product set here and watch the campaign video below! It’s a simple video, but so true to how we often act!

Kopari gave me these four products so I could test them out and talk about them, but guys, it’s been so much more than that! I will always try to be honest about products and my skincare so feel free to ask me anything!

Take time to give someone a compliment today.

I’ll go first.

You are a beautiful human and probably the only person reading the blog right now. 🙂

Now it’s your turn!




All Kopari products were given to me for the purposes of promotion.

All items have been tested by myself, and you can bet your bottom dollar that all thoughts are my own.


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