In My Gym Bag

What’s in my gym bag? 
Anything and everything!
I was looking on Pinterest for similar photos of what people take to the gym and I was shocked at the amount of crap-ola (it’s a real word) all the ladies take with them. First of all, the point of going to the gym is to lose lb’s, not pile on more accessories. Secondly, even if you use a locker, which most of you don’t, they’re tiny and can barely fit a jacket!
Let’s make this simple. If you need it, bring it. Otherwise, leave it at home.
Smelly Stuff: I will always support any type of perfume at the gym. Sure, Axe can be a little potent, and that body spray that you should have ditched in middle school is a little young for you, but anything is better than getting a whiff of B.O. from the neighboring elliptical. I try to keep free samples with me, or even better, keep a Marc Jacobs rollerball with me at all times. I even keep one in my purse/bag most of the time. I can’t vouch for the Daisy Dream scent, but I own and use the other two scents almost daily. Boys dig it. 
Lips: This just makes sense. When you sweat a lot and get dehydrated, your lips get chapped. Any questions?
Hair: If you happen to be one of those sexy models who works out with your hair down, then fine, you don’t have to bring a hair tie to the gym. Just know that I will stare with envy the entire time you work out. 
Hair can be tricky because you don’t want to shower every time you go to the gym (sorry guys, it’s true) but you need some sort of pick-me-up for those luscious locks. As I’ve mentioned in several posts, dry shampoo is my best friend. I have been experimenting with several different brands, and big surprise, I like to keep the samples in my gym bag. Pictured in the image on the right is a new brand I am trying. I like the amika brand for hair masks, and I will let you guys know what I think about their Perk Up Dry Shampoo

There are all types of dry shampoos and powders out there, unfortunately, it’s kind of a trial-and-error game. The best way to know what you like in a brand or product is to try it out when you don’t have somewhere important to be (just on the off chance that you end up looking like a ghost).

I love a bunch of different types of music, but not necessarily when I’m working out. It’s actually funny how my music style has evolved over the years, but my workout playlist has remained almost the same over the last 5 (ahem, 10) years. I’m not joking there is literally some Blink182 still floating around on my running albums. 
If you’re really curious about my music nowadays, here is a link to my Spotify account, where you can judge the hodgepodge of melodious madness all you want. 🙂
Tomorrow I will get back to talking about exercising! Can you say yoga?

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