How To: Style Your Fall Looks In Warmer Climates

Hello, September! I feel like I think the same thing every day. “It’s still so hot here, so how can I dress for fall?” Great question! It’s not easy to wear a sweater and OTK boots just yet, but you can start to inch your way into fall if you play your cards right.

From top to bottom!

Add a hat. It sounds silly, but a black or brown fedora can instantly feel like you’re heading into cooler weather. Not only does it make sense for the climate, but you’re starting to usher dark colors back into your wardrobe in the hopes that you can get away with wear those all-black looks you love so much. Shop similar hat here.

Pick darker/neutral colors. Similarly to the hat concept, ditch the pastels and bright colors. I’m wearing a spaghetti strap look, but instead of a baby pink or white, I went for brown. It looks like a bodysuit, but it’s actually a swim suit (on sale)!

Add a light layer like a jacket or cardigan. You need something to tie the look together that isn’t necessarily needed if you’re outside. Shop similar jacket here.

Swap those sandals for ankle booties. I swear, once September 1st hit, every stylist on Instagram was wearing ankle booties. It’s a sign! As soon as it gets cool, we ditch the sandals and opt for a more substantial shoe. It’s too warm for jeans and taller boots, but a denim skirt and ankle boot are more than accepted. Pro tip: Stock up on my favorite footie socks just in time for ankle booties season (they have over 10K+ reviews).

Dressing for those in-between seasons isn’t an exact science, but it sure does make for a fun challenge! Share your favorite tips and be sure to follow along on Instagram for more behind-the-scenes fun.