Hold Me Closer, Tiny Camper
This weekend I went camping with my roomie and our other friend. (Why we decided to go even though it was 28 degrees is beyond me.)  It was cold and even started to rain, but luckily, I was properly and fashionably dressed.  Who knew cute a lumberjack flannel would do the trick?! 

It is probably no surprise to you that I have this weird thing for wearing really slouchy men’s clothing.  Half of the things that I am wearing are my boyfriend’s clothes, and the other half are things that I bought in the men’s section of the store. 

beanie: Aeropostale // flannel: Forever 21 Men // shirt: Eddie Bauer // leggings: Hot Chillys

Although my hair smelled like a bonfire, and my s’more intake was astronomical, I still had a great time with my friends and had an excuse to wear my favorite men’s clothing.